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University of Maine Extension’s Kathy Savoie wins the 2023 NEED Exceptional Local Educator Award

Professor Kathleen (Kathy) Savoie has been awarded the Association of Northeast Extension Directors’ 2023 Exceptional Local Educator Award for her work “Building Agricultural Literacy through an Immersive Culinary Art Experience”.

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2023 Multistate Urban Extension Award program is LIVE! Proposals due August 15, 2023

NEED is excited to announce available funding for exceptional multistate urban Extension projects. Proposals are due to NEED Executive Director, Ali Mitchell, over email as a single PDF by 5pm ET on August 15, 2023. EMAIL: [email protected]


The Association of Northeastern Extension Directors (NEED) announces an opportunity to obtain funds for interstate collaborations that support, advance or promote Extension initiatives that directly target or build capacity for programs that reach urban audiences. Proposals must involve participation by Extension personnel from a minimum of two states in the Northeast Region.

A range of activities can be supported including, but not limited to:

  • Training and Demonstration – Sharing successful approaches or models that will allow states to adopt, modify or expand extension programs for urban audiences.
  • Professional Development – Enhancing the capacity of staff to deliver programs to urban audiences.
  • Program Development – Creating/piloting new programs to reach urban audiences.
  • Communication and Connection – Enhancing communication, technology, or urban Extension networks.

Examples of allowable expenses include:

  • Travel and meeting costs.
  • Materials and supplies.
  • Contracts for service with external facilitators, consultants, or experts.

Note: All expenditures must be consistent with policies of the institution of the proposed leader and team members.

How much support is offered?

Applicants may apply for a maximum of $4,000 to be spent within one year of approval of the proposal.     

Required Contents of Submission

All proposals must be submitted as a single PDF and include the following:

  • Name/title of proposed initiative
  • Name, title, and contact information of proposal leader
  • List of additional team members (including name, title, and home institution)
  • Narrative (maximum of 4,000 characters, including spaces) that addresses:
    • Purpose of proposed activities.
    • Methods – how proposed activities will be designed, conducted, implemented, and delivered.
    • Goals – what will happen as a result of the proposed activities.
  • Budget with a timetable and a description for all expenditures.

Proposal Submission

Proposals must be submitted to Ali Mitchell, NEED Executive Director, at [email protected] no later than 5pm ET August 15, 2023. Proposals may be submitted by any group/team of northeast extension employees with endorsement from their Extension Directors.

Proposal Review and Criteria for Funding

A first round of proposal review will be conducted by a select committee of the NEED Chair, NEED Executive Director, and Northeast NUEL Network Chair. The Northeast Extension Directors (NEED) will then conduct a final evaluation and award funds based on the potential proposed projects have to effectively support, advance, promote or build capacity for Extension programs that reach urban audiences. Proposals that meet the following criteria will be prioritized:

  • Proposed goals and activities are clear and of high quality.
  • There is a commitment of additional funds or in-kind resources from Extension directors and/or administrators of participating states or external partners.
  • Team members have significant experience, expertise, or a record of achievement in the areas related to the proposed activities.
  • The proposal includes a plan that demonstrates, documents, or promotes ways the project will increase the impact of Extension programs delivered to urban audiences.


Within one year of receiving the award, recipients will submit a brief report (based on a template that will be provided) on how the funds were spent and on the degree of success in achieving identified goals. Recipients may be asked to present or share results through other venues as appropriate.


Contact: William Miller, NEED Chair

Email: [email protected]

NEED hosts successful Northeast Extension DEIJ Workshop

In June 2022, the Association of Northeast Extension Directors (NEED) set advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in Extension as its year-long regional priority. NEED’s goal was to ultimately increase Northeast Extension expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion; build regional capacity; provide individual professional development; cultivate culturally competent leaders; and improve community-based programs.

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NEED develops joint 2023 Farm Bill priorities with Northeast Secretaries of Agriculture

The Association of Northeast Extension Directors (NEED) worked with the Northeast Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NEASDA), a subsection of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), to develop the following recommendations and considerations for the 2023 Farm Bill. These were created with the hope that the 2023 Farm Bill will strengthen the federal government’s commitment to food system viability and climate resilience, agricultural workforce development, and market access across farm size.

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