NEED Projects

Regional Research

NEED hires exceptional young scholars as Fellows to complete high priority regional research. The first set of Fellows, Dr. Alicia F. Coleman, PhD, and Dr. Mario R. Machado, PhD, completed their research titled “Ecosystem Services in Working Lands Practice and Policy in the U.S. Northeast: Successes, Challenges, and Opportunities for Producers and Extension” on April 18, 2022.

Regional Impacts

NEED collects and disseminates stories and data to show the impact of Extension on individuals, families, and communities. Learn more.

Regional & National Extension Awards

Northeast Exceptional Local Educator Award: The purpose of the Exceptional Local Educator Award is to celebrate individuals for the delivery of exceptional programs that occur at the community level, that respond directly to local issues or needs, and that engage program planning and assessment throughout.

Previously called the Northeast Exceptional Local Program Award.

ECOP Excellence in Extension Awards: This award is a project of the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP)Professional Development Committee. It recognizes Cooperative Extension professionals who excel at Extension programming, make a positive impact on constituents served, and provide visionary leadership for the System. One national winner and one winner from each of the five ECOP regions are recognized each year.

  • The 2022 awards cycle has concluded.

The Northeast Celebration Webinar will be scheduled for December 2022.


Multistate Urban Extension Grants: NEED is excited to support interstate collaborations that support, advance or promote programs that reach urban audiences. Proposals must involve participation by Extension personnel from a minimum of two states in the Northeast Region.

  • The first proposal period closed December 1, 2021. Check back soon for information on the next round of funding.