ECOP Annual Awards

2021 Nomination Guidelines

Nominations for the 2021 ECOP Excellence in Extension and Diversity awards are due May 1, 2021. NEED encourages all member LGUs to submit at least one nomination annually. Learn more about the programs.

2021 Northeast Region Excellence in Extension Award

“The Award for Excellence in Extension, a project of the ECOP Professional Development Committee, recognizes a select group of Cooperative Extension professionals who excel at Extension programming, make a positive impact on constituents served, and provide visionary leadership for the System. It is designed to focus national attention on the role of Extension – one that is fundamental to the lifelong education and development of residents in communities around the nation.” 

  • Learn about the award program. Nominations are submitted each region. Regional winners are progressed to the national competition. Winners will be announced in November 2021.
  • Download the Northeast Region prep form: Northeast Region

2021 National Extension Diversity Award

“The purpose of this award, a project of the ECOP Program Committee, is to acknowledge accomplishments of Cooperative Extension Professionals in achieving organizational changes that support diversity, pluralism and innovation in programs that impact our Extension audiences. The Award for Diversity is designed to focus national attention on innovative models and techniques that ensure that Extension programs equitably engage all appropriate audiences in an effective manner.”

Best Practices

In support of the region submitting strong applications NEED maintains a set of “best practices” available for download. (Updated August 2020)

Learn more about what ECOP expects from nominations by watching the ECOP Next Generation Learning for Leaders: National Extension Awards, Systems Thinking and Winning Words