4-H Volunteers – Critical to the success of Northeast positive youth development programs

September 7, 2023

Members of the Northeast Region Volunteerism Group (NERV) conducted a research study this to assess the impact of 4-H youth development volunteer effort in the Northeast Region (as defined by Cooperative Extension). States that participated in this study include Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

The specific goals of this research included:

  • (To obtain data on 4-H volunteer impact on the following audiences:
    • 4-H youth participants
    • the community in which the volunteer serves
    • the organization for which the volunteer serves (local, extension and university)
    • the volunteer (individual)
  • (2) To obtain volunteer service information.

The overall purpose was to demonstrate the service and impact of adult volunteers on the 4-H program and inform stakeholders of said impact through reports, infographics and other materials that may be used to educate, recruit new volunteers or access financial support. (See survey flyer)

NEED is excited to share the results of the survey, produced by the NERV team!

Questions about NERV or the results of this survey may be directed to Allison Smith (University of Vermont) at [email protected].