NEED sponsors the 2022 International Workshop on Agritourism

August 30, 2022

The 2022 International Workshop on Agritourism (IWA) begins today!

The IWA is “a global network of farmers and ranchers, tourism experts, researchers, educators, agricultural service providers, and others interested in promoting agritourism”. NEED is proud that Vermont was chosen as the location for this incredible international opportunity, and that the University of Vermont is serving as the local host for the event. Learn more about the IWA on their website

If you have not already registered to attend, there is still time. There are many opportunities to attend the IWA in person, in Burlington Vermont, to attend the IWA virtually, or to engage with the broader agritourism community through the IWA’s series of Agritourism Gatherings (“a virtual series for farm, food, and travel communities”).

The Association of Northeast Extension Directors is thrilled to show its support for the IWA, the University of Vermont, and Extension professionals working to advance agritourism across the region by sponsoring the IWA alongside Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets, and numerous other organizations.

Are you an Extension Professional who is working or interested in agritourism? Join the National Extension Tourism Network by contacting Lisa Chase (IWA Conference Chair; Extension Professor, University of Vermont; Director, Vermont Tourism Research Center) today!