Northeast Chairmanship of the National Cooperative Extension Section begins!

September 28, 2020

The Association of Northeast Extension Directors is thrilled to have Dr. Chris Watkins, Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension, serve as Chair of the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy on behalf of the Northeast Region. Chris is a visionary leader who holds the full faith and confidence of the Northeast. We sincerely look forward to seeing what this year will bring.

Explore Annual Action Plan for the Cooperative Extension System and section of the APLU under Dr. Watkin’s leadership HERE.

Of particular interest to the northeast region are the following goals –

  • Increase the impact of the Extension System by strengthening the role of Urban Extension.
  • Increase engagement with under-represented, marginalized, and non-traditional audiences across the nation.
  • Increase knowledge and value of the Cooperative Extension System amongst staffers and members in Congressional committee and home offices.
  • Work with ECOP committees to ensure that the ways the System addresses nationally relevant issues including Agritourism, Broadband/Infrastructure, Community Health Systems and Consumer Literacy, are centered in principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

From the ECOP official publication (September 28th ECOP Monday Minute

“At the 2020 NEDA Cooperative Extension Section meeting on September 24th, the ECOP Chair gavel was officially passed from Mark Latimore, Jr., Associate Dean for Extension at Fort Valley State University to Christopher Watkins, Professor and Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension. Dr. Watkins’ vision as ECOP Chair is to ensure that the ECOP Strategic Directions is a living document that guides the Committee in a fashion that enhances relevance to its membership, and provides outcomes for the Cooperative Extension System that advance the goals of delivering evidence-based education to all U.S. citizens. Our sincere appreciation for the outstanding leadership and commitment to the mission of Extension by Dr. Latimore over the past year.”